Business Migration Visa

Business Migration Visa

All Australian state governments welcome business migrants who plan to set up a business or invest in their states.

Golden Dragon Migration Solutions has many years of experience in helping investors around the world set up a business and obtain their permanent residency successfully.

Generally, business/investment migrants will apply for Provisional visa (Business Innovation and Investment Visa 188) for a period of 2-4 years and then apply for a permanent residency visa 888.

It is a two step process for Business Innovation and Investment Visa:

Firstly, You need to apply for a state nomination for a Business Innovation and Investment Visa 188. You will need to meet the selection criteria/point test.

Secondly, you will need to make a designated investment with an Australian State or Territory government (government bond) or run a business and meet all requirements, and then you can apply for Permanent Business Innovation & Investment (Permanent) (subclass 888) visa.

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Below are some requirements for investment visa/investor stream

  • No older than 55 years of age, (Providing significant economic benefit to relevant state, age criteria can be waived)
  • Have at least 65 on the Innovation Points test
  • have a high level of management skill in relation to eligible investments or qualifying business activity
  • have at least three years’ experience of direct involvement in managing one or more qualifying businesses or eligible investments
  • demonstrate a true and realistic commitment to continuing your business and investment activity in Australia after the initial investment has completed.

You (or your partner, or you and your partner combined) must also:

  • Total assets of at least AUD2.25 million within the two financial years immediately before you are invited to apply for. It will be transferred to Australia within two years of the 188 visa being granted
  • have an overall successful record of eligible investment or qualifying business activity with no involvement in unacceptable activities
  • be prepared to make your government-approved designated investment of AUD1.5 million using funds you have accumulated from your direct involvement, for at least one of the five fiscal years before you are invited to apply, in one of the following activities:
    • managing your eligible investments that total at least AUD1.5 million
    • managing a qualifying business in which you owned at least 10 per cent of the total value of the business.

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